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Company Profile

Asalus Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in November 1995 primarily as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) engaged in the delivery of managed healthcare services via comprehensive, systematic, and prevention-oriented health maintenance programs or plans. Only six years thereafter, Asalus broke into the top five industry ranking to emerge as the country's fastest growing HMO in terms of market share. This phenomenal growth (a 7-year revenue CAGR of over 60% p.a.) has remained unparalleled to further catapult Asalus, three years after, among the top three HMOs in the Philippines. With these milestone achievements, Asalus has now secured the top two spot after barely a decade and a half of operation and is now poised to contend for industry leadership.

Asalus Corporation is now popularly known as Intellicare, the brand name of its HMO business. Its mission is to lead, innovate, and trailblaze a holistic approach to healthcare management by consistently providing top-quality, highly-personalized healthcare services that are easily available, accessible, and affordable. Its brand of service excellence goes beyond the usual norm of patient care by adding to its multi-faceted dimensions Intellicare's compassion for member-patients.

Intellicare's promise of service excellence has been fulfilled not by accident but by conscious design, given form and substance by a well-fortified, countrywide infrastructure for an effective and efficient healthcare delivery system. Specifically, strategic alliances have been forged with a nationwide network of more than 1,000 reputable hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other first-class medical institutions that are manned by an affiliated pool of almost 15,000 of the country's well-known, highly-regarded physicians and medical specialists. Uninterrupted delivery of top-grade service is assured through a 24/7 call center and onsite Patient Relations Officers in each accredited tertiary hospital.

Intellicare's single-minded commitment to service excellence remains a vital attribute for business prospects. Through aggressive sales and marketing thrusts, Intellicare boasts of over 1,400 corporate accounts, with leading companies from diverse industry sectors. Likewise, a client retention rate of over 90% continues to boost its membership base which is now approaching the 800,000 mark.

Risk management has been persistently prudent as well as manifested by the company's 10-year financial record of consistently positive bottomlines. From only Php 1.9 million in 1995, its paid-up capital has grown sturdier to Php 50 million and, very recently, the Board has further increased paid-up capital to Php 162.540 million (Php 500 million authorized capitalization with Php 225 million subscribed). This ensures clients that Intellicare is adequately capitalized and, therefore, capable of keeping its commitment to quality healthcare for every member. Moreover, asset base has significantly grown from almost Php 700 million to more than Php 1.8 billion.

Serving as the backbone for all these endeavors is a dynamic workforce of over 1,000, led by an equally dynamic Board composed of highly-successful businesspersons and medical practitioners. Together, they comprise the Intellicare Team who have joined hands to fulfill the noble mission of providing a link between the constitutional promise of health and its actual realization by constantly redefining service excellence within the Asalus core values of integrity, fairness, honesty, and an enduring sense of humanity and compassion.