Member Access


This Member Portal allows you to easily access your HMO membership information and enables you to view your profile, enroll your dependents, request your eRCS and view utilization history, including that of your dependents, among others. As this platform requires the processing of your information, please take time to read the terms and conditions in using this portal below.


DATA PRIVACY COMMITMENT. Cognizant of our obligations under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, we commit ourselves to compliance with the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality. To this end, we always take commercially reasonable steps to protect and maintain the confidential nature of your personal information in accordance with its applicable privacy policies. Security measures are also implemented to mitigate the risks of unauthorized disclosure.

CONSENT TO PROCESS INFORMATION. As a member, you acknowledge that using this platform carries with it your consent to allow us (including our employees, physicians, consultants, lawyers, accredited medical facilities) to access and/or collect, process your personal information such as, but not limited to the following:
a. your medical records, and other identifiers like your age, residence, past medical history, results of medical examinations, diagnosis, abstracts, treatments, and/or utilization records.
b. Your dependent’s information and their records

PURPOSE. Please note, the processing of the information identified above shall be used soley for the purpose of providing you the HMO Services pursuant to the Health Plan / Group Corporate agreement with your employer.

TO WHOM WE MAY DISCLOSE. The following shall be provided access to your utilization record, subject to compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012:
1. Your employer. Your employer routinely requests utilization report of all its employees covered by the Health Plan we provide. Said report contains the amount of utilization, treatment and diagnosis. We only grant access should there be (a) warranty from your employer’s end that your consent has been provided, in which case, we will solely rely on that representation, OR (b) where you have explicity consented to the same.
2. Your Spouse/Partner/Immediate Family Member. Only when it is necessary to protect your life as a patient.
3. The Principal Member. Whenever you are a dependent-minor or a dependent under guardianship, the principal shall be given access to your utilization record, upon request. For all other cases, we will only disclose should you, if a dependent, provide authorization allowing the principal member to have access to your records.
4. Government/the Courts/regulatory agencies. Only when required by law and or to protect our legitimate interests.

ENFORCEMENT OF RIGHTS. If you have concerns regarding data privacy and the enforcement of your rights to be informed, to object, to access, to correct, to erasure or to data portability, you may e-mail our DPO at Choose an item.For more information on how we protect its data and your information, you may visit our website at Choose an item..

STORAGE. We store your information in our systems located in Makati City Philippines for a period no longer than five (5) years. Storage may exceed beyond the period only if allowed under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or any applicable law.


You understand that the availment of our services is governed by the provisions of the Group Corporate Agreement entered into with your employer. As such, cover is extended only to those identified in said agreement. For this reason, you acknowledge your personal liability to pay to our accredited facilities any expense and professional fees incurred arising from a procedure not explicitly covered by the provisions of the Group Corporate Agreement (i.e., excess in limits, exclusions, etc.). Should there be an instance where payables were not settled upon availment and the facility demands from us, payment will be coursed through us only with our EXPLICIT consent conditioned on your promise to reimburse us the full amount plus an additional charge of administrative fees, whenever applicable.