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Who's Who in Successful HMO-Patient Partnership

Intellicare, the country's preeminent health maintenance organization, is featured on BusinessWorld. Mr. Mario M. Silos, President and Chairman, was interviewed about his management style and the future of the HMO industry as ASEAN integration comes in the picture.

Intellicare enters triathlon scene with Team Norman

Intellicare, the country's preeminent health maintenance organization, supports Team Norman, a 25-man strong team composed of professionals from various age groups and industries. read more

Steady strides in health care

On June 25, 2014, BusinessWorld covered the HMO industry in their special feature segment. Intellicare, together with the other HMOs in the Philippines, were mentioned and were given the opportunity to highlight the benefits of enrolling in an HMO.

Ballet Philippines launches new studio; to stage revivals for 45th season

Ballet Philippines thanked Intellicare for its effort to ensure the health of the performers. Read more about the Ballet Philippines and Intellicare partnership in the Philippine Daily Inquirer's May, 2014 article. Please click the link below.

Residents of Payatas benefit from PascualLab's sustainable healthcare program

Last March, PascualLab partnered with Intellicare to conduct a pre-medical mission in Payatas. Click the link below to know more about the healthcare program in The Philippine Star's April, 2014 article.

Establishing a holistic healthcare management program

Mario Silos, chairman and president of Intellicare, one of the country's leading HMOs, believes that healthcare management should not be limited to immediate medical assistance when required. Read more about what Mr. Silos has to say in the May, 2014 issue of The Manila Times. Please click on the links below to view the article and advertisement.

Intellicare's Chairman and President, Mr. Mario M. Silos, shares his vision with everyone as printed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and in the Philippine Star

As Intellicare celebrates its 18th anniversary, a special ad series was released last November 21, 2013 on both the Philippine Star and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Please click on the links below to view the advertisement and advertorial.


Ready, Get Set, Play!

The same legendary name, top-notch benefits and services – with a new attitude.

We have shed our old look to make our message clear – Intellicare is modern healthcare.

Our new brand, the exclamation-play, is an expression of good health. It Illustrates how, at Intellicare, we punctuate everything with excellence. It is the manner by which we do things: we deliver every action with our very best. We have been around for almost two decades, and we are not slowing down. With youthful vigor and curiosity, we are dedicated to healthcare innovation, delivering fresh new plans and services.

We are anchored on our holistic approach to healthcare delivery – from prevention, to treatment and management. Our unique and customized healthcare plans allow us to keep up with our customers’ evolving needs.


Convention would tell you that the best way for a company to survive in any service industry is to ensure that it meets the minimum standards of customer satisfaction. By doing so it ensures that its clients are pleased and the possibility of return-business grows accordingly. For Mario Silos, President of Intellicare, one of the country’s leading Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), customer satisfaction, however, is just not enough.

According to him, one must "move beyond simply giving what you promised. You must delight in the quality of your service and go beyond mere customer satisfaction." He then adds that the secret of Intellicare’s continued success is that his organization emphasizes the further step of "customer-delighting."
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Often every 3 years, companies begin to feel the itch for a new HMO for their employees. Such is the average life-span of a company-HMO relationship, confirms Norman Amora, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of leading HMO Intellicare. But it need not be that way. Intellicare's relationships with a lot of its clients prove it.

The need to look for a new one is usually triggered by laxity or the sudden successive failures of HMOs to deliver on their promises. Sometimes, it happens when top management actually experiences the failure of the HMO. This habit of shifting every 3 years or so can put a tremendous stress on companies, their employees, most especially who benefit from the health plans.
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Many labor under the impression that a successful and effective healthcare management program within a workplace is premised on ensuring that everyone can avail of medical care as and when needed. In fact many Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) structure their customer care policies around this idea. Mr. Mario Silos, President of Intellicare, one of the country’s leading HMOs, believes though that healthcare management should not be limited to immediate medical assistance when required. A holistic healthcare management approach, he says, demands the concurrence of three facets: prevention, treatment and health management.

In Intellicare, emphasis is given to the implementation of a holistic approach to healthcare management. Under a customer centered approach of client servicing, Intellicare believes that the most efficient way of ensuring that HMO services are properly utilized would be to target not merely healthcare treatment but the prevention of diseases and the proper management thereof. Logic would dictate that if HMO utilization is reduced, the cost of premiums charged will be placed at a minimum thus ensuring savings for the company. This will also ensure that hospital facilities and equipment will be utilized more effectively and efficiently, for the greater good of many. Given this, Silos reveals that his company places great emphasis on working with human resource departments of their clients to find out what their usual health concerns are and what factors unfavorably affect utilization. Thereafter, they work together to come up and implement programs to prevent the onset of maladies, to reduce the sources of stress, and to target common problems and complaints of the workers – which may lead to more serious applications.
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The consistency in service of HMOs must never vary. If patients get outstanding service in Metro Manila or where an HMO's business is concentrated, then patients from other parts of the country must get the same deal. In the world of health care, no discrimination or neglect of any form should ever be allowed.

Leading HMO Intellicare is one HMO that strongly adheres to this belief.

HMOs are not entirely business ventures, as Intellicare has been tirelessly pointing out. It's a business that should actually care, where one must be very keen enough 24/7, no matter the stress caused by irate patients and their families. Health care is a venture that has no room for compromises or excuses.

Unpleasant experiences with HMOs usually come from their lack of consistency in service. This consistency is manifested on two fronts—customer service and their medical facility affiliates.
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People have a general impression that HMO clinics are not as good as hospitals.

They say the fact that the clinics are not as vastly equipped in terms of facilities as well as medical experts that only a major hospital can offer. This means that their services might not be good enough. Some of them actually say that since the costs are far lesser than those of hospitals, the services might not be at par.

But leading HMO Intellicare is helping make all these change.

Intellicare cardholders have many reasons to be satisfied. For one, opting to go to the clinic puts their worry about high medical costs aside.

Intellicare's Assistant Medical Director Dr. Gerry Jiao who is in charge of the recruitment of doctors/consultants and setting medical standards, says countless many of Intellicre's cardholders who have gone to its clinics have actually realized that that it was a better option cost-wise considering that the service and the care the clinic gave them was generally the same major hospitals usually offer. Furthermore, the clinics reduce the hassle of competing for time with a multitude of patients who seek the advise of hospital professionals.
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Companies have varied criteria when they asses the performance of their HMO. The most common would include efficiency of service.

Were there no glitches in the processing of an employee’s hospitalization? Did the employee patient complain about any missteps involving the HMO? Were their employees taken to or referred to the right medical facility or professionals? These are the common questions that companies ponder when crunch time comes or that point when they decide for or against another contract with their HMO.

But that’s not all there is to service. Leading local HMO Intellicare says outstanding service should include things beyond the basic and that companies should realize the necessity to ask for more without necessarily asking for too much.

Intellicare cardholders have many reasons to be satisfied. For one, opting to go to the clinic puts their worry about high medical costs aside.

With HMO costs rising, HMOs should find themselves competing for corporate attention by promoting their upgraded brand of services. Intellicare is one step ahead. They’ve been at the top of their game in offering innovations long before anyone could seriously claim to be doing likewise.
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The process of acquiring the services of an HMO is similar to that when a customer acquires any other form of services —they always require a very careful study in terms of benefits in relation to cost. Cost is often the hurdle that has to be overcome in the selection of an HMO simply because it has implications in the form of budget constraints.

A rise in cost of health care benefits is inevitable, much like every other service.

Health beneficiaries and companies are entitled to object of course for obvious reasons but there are a handful of factors that bring about this result. Factors that affect cost push and which are beyond control are – cost of medication, a unilateral increase in hospital fees, compounded by the demand of physicians for higher fees.
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Part of what makes the use of HMO cards effective is the cardholder's knowledge and keen understanding of the coverage of the plan. If a member does have a clear understanding of what his or her health policy covers, the member is able to maximize the use of the card to its best potential.

The set of pre-existing conditions in particular is a critical portion of a health plan. This is one aspect that leading HMO Intellicare pays meticulous attention to.

For Intellicare, a health plan's set of pre-existing conditions defined early on is something they could never overemphasize. To them, no one should ever underestimate the repercussions of a misunderstood health plan.

By standards, pre-existing conditions are usually not covered on the first year of one's membership. However, for corporate accounts, the one year waiting period may be waived depending on the agreement based on negotiations. Examples of pre-existing conditions include hypertension, goiter, cataract, tumor, cyst, arthritis, diabetes and cancer.
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Getting sick can be quite expensive these days. The cost of getting checked, the price of medicines and more so the amounts spent for hospitalization can be quite daunting, often leading many to just bear their pain and suffer in silence. While the Philippines boasts of having some of the best medical practitioners and healthcare providers in the world, they are, ironically, less available to the masses of the Filipino people. This has often led to an unhealthy reliance on self-medication or worse obtaining medical advice from incompetent, unauthorized and unscrupulous individuals.

The sad reality is that many Filipinos are not covered by Philhealth or other public or private healthcare programs. And even if an individual is covered by Philhealth, the subsidy one receives under this system is a mere percentage of overall healthcare cost. As a result, patients are often left to cover the remainder of their expenses by burning a hole through their pockets. In fact, according to Virtual-Asia.com, in a Philippine Special Report dated December 2001, entitled “The Healthcare System in the Philippines”, they say that “while there exists a national health insurance program, pension funds and private insurance plans, personal expenses still account for about 57 percent of all health expenditures.” Further, and adding to the woes of the common “Juan”, it was likewise noted that the prices of medicine in the Philippines are among the highest in the region. Under these circumstances, what can Juan do?
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