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People have a general impression that HMO clinics are not as good as hospitals.

They say the fact that the clinics are not as vastly equipped in terms of facilities as well as medical experts that only a major hospital can offer. This means that their services might not be good enough. Some of them actually say that since the costs are far lesser than those of hospitals, the services might not be at par.

But leading HMO Intellicare is helping make all these change.

Intellicare cardholders have many reasons to be satisfied. For one, opting to go to the clinic puts their worry about high medical costs aside.

Intellicare's Assistant Medical Director Dr. Gerry Jiao who is in charge of the recruitment of doctors/consultants and setting medical standards, says countless many of Intellicre's cardholders who have gone to its clinics have actually realized that that it was a better option cost-wise considering that the service and the care the clinic gave them was generally the same major hospitals usually offer. Furthermore, the clinics reduce the hassle of competing for time with a multitude of patients who seek the advise of hospital professionals.

Starting out

Intellicare clinics started out as a general outpatient facility that offered specialists in surgery, pediatrics and internal medicine that was complemented by an X-ray machine. Even when starting out in a modest way, the clinic's brand of service was way above its league.

Today, there are more Intellicare clinics spread out in key points in the metropolis and its outskirts and they are all far more equipped than when they started, not only in terms of facilities and medical experts, but also in the way that the clinics render its services.

There are in fact already six Intellicare clinics (a 7th is set to open in December) – Solid Mills Building in Makati, Estrellita Building along Montillano Street in Alabang, Emerald Avenue in Ortigas Center, Old National Highway in Calamba, Laguna, inside Laguna Technopark in Biñan, and its latest in UN Avenue, Manila – all of them have become excellent medical facilities outside of a hospital.

Specialists on Board

One of the things that keep some patients away from HMO clinics is that their lack of trust in its doctors. They think that the doctors employed by the HMO do not have the experience one should receive from major hospitals. This leads them to conclude that HMO doctors do not have the right training to treat patients.

Not so with Intellicare. It has built a very good reputation in terms of having the best medical personnel as partners. This reputation extends up to the quality of their clinics.

Unlike other clinics where it is the general practitioner that first – and sometimes the only one – that accommodates patients, Intellicare clinics have 4 to 5 specialists on rotation each day.

And these are not solely clinic-based medical professionals. They are doctors who practice in hospitals. Intellicare clinics have specialists that have since served the many respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and hypertensive cases that come to their clinics every day.

Its team of experts include cardiologists, pulmonologists, ostetrician-gynecologists, ENT specialists, and in three clinics, dental professionals. At its UN Avenue clinic, they actually offer rehabilitation/sports medicine specialists which offer medical service to orthopaedic cases.

Yet, even when equipped with the best professionals, Intellicare of course continuously hires medical doctors to better serve its many cardholders.

The Right Facilities

In addressing the concern of patients over the facilities found in HMO clinics, Intellicare has taken steps to upgrade its set of facilities.

Aside from its already existing laboratory capabilities which do blood chemistry tests, urinalysis, fecalysis and machines such as an X-ray, each Intellicare clinic boasts of an ultrasound machine.

Also, three of its clinics already have dental facilities, with duly licensed dental professionals.

Laboratory Centralization

Having the right and enough laboratory equipment is also one of the concerns of patients. Since a majority of patients visit the clinics for pre-employment medical exams and regular check-ups, Intellicare is in the process of upgrading further its already competent laboratory systems.

While there is enough laboratory equipment to address the basic diagnostic requirements in each clinic, Intellicare is also in the process of centralizing its laboratory. To Intellicare, the integrity of the results of the lab exams cannot be compromised. A centralized laboratory system means a more focused handling of the processes.

For this purpose, Intellicare has made its clinic in Makati its central laboratory and its Skyland Plaza office its central processing office for the results of Annual Physical Examinations (APE) and Pre-employment examinations.

Mr. Joe-b Yulo, Senior Manager for Clinic Administration, who is in charge of the whole clinic operations of Intellicare managed clinics says that in Intellicare, they are conscious of two things: one, medical expertise and two, character. To maintain these, they continuously train their staff and instill in them the value of giving patients the utmost care they deserve.

With this kind of care they give to patients, Intellicare is right up there at par with major medical facilities. It is not only reliable, it is as just as first class.

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