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Intellicare, the country’s preeminent HMO, continued to deliver superior financial performance in 2012, increasing its net earnings by 47%. From only Php 28 million in 2007, net income surged by more than fourfold to Php 153 million in 2012, resulting in an unbeatable Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 40% per annum. This solidified Intellicare’s industry ranking as the country’s most profitable HMO and made it the biggest among the country’s top three players since 2009.

Comparatively, Intellicare’s Return on Equity (ROE) has remained the highest since 2009 among the top three HMO players to consistently satisfy the expectations of the company’s various stakeholders and, at the same time, making it a safe, risk-free business-partner.

Furthermore, Intellicare remained the most liquid among the country’s top three HMO players with its current ratio hovering comfortably well above the minimum ideal level of 1:1. In addition, the company was more than adequately capitalized, as shown by its total debt-to-equity ratios which measured close to the 2007-2012 industry average of about 4:1. In 2012, Intellicare’s paid-up capital of Php 250 million was the highest in the HMO industry.

For the year 2013, despite numerous challenges, the company remains steadfast in its resolve to maintain its excellent customer service without compromising the financial viability of the firm. Hence, it can be expected that the company can sustain its status as the most profitable HMO.